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When an artist decides to make a painting, he "conceives" a picture. He then takes out the canvas, brushes and paint. After getting out all he may need, the artist starts picking out the colours and brushes he wants to use...then; he begins! Now, somewhere during the process of this painting he comes to the point where he decides to use a very fine brush to put in the some detail on the painting, but for some reason that brush just does not want to work...and having to finish the painting, the artist chooses another brush which even though it is not as fine (able) as the previous brush becomes a skilful wand in the hands of the artist, not due to the capabilities of the, due to the willingness!

Mat 22:14 for many are called, but few are chosen...

I believe this scripture does not refer to God having favourites and therefore does not want to choose some, but rather because some are consistently refusing God's grace and love to shape and mold their hearts.

Do you realize just how much God loves you...? He created the universe with words, yet He took the time to mold, shape and create you...this has to make you wonder; who is this God that thought of me before the foundation of the earth and if He thought of me, that must mean that I am worth so much in His hands...?


In 2014 I had a dream that I was running from people as they were trying to kill me. At one point in the dream I jumped over a wall and saw a pool in from of me and thinking that the water may slow me down but I have nowhere to hide, I dove into the pool and just as I did the people chasing me saw that I jumped in the pool and so he did as well. Once in the pool, I struggled to get away and he slit my throat, I thought I am going to die and so, with my feet standing still on one point, my body started swirling around in a circle and while I was starting to lose consciousness the man and woman was busy contemplating what they should do with me.  It was not long before I started to notice that I am not dying but I am actually getting stronger, but being afraid that they would kill me if they were to see that I am still alive, I pretended to be "dead". At one point I heard the woman saying to the man that I am getting stronger and that I am not dead, but he argued and said


Many of us seek to do the following: Matthew 10:8 Amplified Bible Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. And we should, but more than that we should seek the character of God, cause all of the things mentioned in that scripture are symptoms of something that has taken its root and started to bear bad fruit and so when we seek to raise the dead, cleanse the leper, heal the sick and cast out demons we treat the symptom and not the cause. I do seek to do all this, but more so I seek God to instill in me His character, so that first of all I am firmly planted and rooted in Him and then I can help others to also seek Him to lay the axe at the root of a bad bearing tree that wants to grow and therefore the tree never gets time to grow and bear bad fruit but instead they can learn to be planted and rooted in Jesus and that will cause them to bear good fruit for He is health, He is life, He is freedom, He blessed