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When an artist decides to make a painting, he "conceives" a picture. He then takes out the canvas, brushes and paint. After getting out all he may need, the artist starts picking out the colours and brushes he wants to use...then; he begins! Now, somewhere during the process of this painting he comes to the point where he decides to use a very fine brush to put in the some detail on the painting, but for some reason that brush just does not want to work...and having to finish the painting, the artist chooses another brush which even though it is not as fine (able) as the previous brush becomes a skilful wand in the hands of the artist, not due to the capabilities of the, due to the willingness!

Mat 22:14 for many are called, but few are chosen...

I believe this scripture does not refer to God having favourites and therefore does not want to choose some, but rather because some are consistently refusing God's grace and love to shape and mold their hearts.

Do you realize just how much God loves you...? He created the universe with words, yet He took the time to mold, shape and create you...this has to make you wonder; who is this God that thought of me before the foundation of the earth and if He thought of me, that must mean that I am worth so much in His hands...?


This is a prayer that the Holy Spirit put in my heart for the leaders of our land, but not only for the leaders of the land but for ever child of God, because you are called to be a leader by the way of who you are and who you become in Christ. WHEN WE FOLLOW CHRIST WE ARE CALLED TO LEAD OTHERS TO HIM. Lord we pray that those that You have placed in leadership positions will raise up like Ezekiel, David, Joseph and Caleb.  Lord I pray that the people that You have called to lead will open their eyes to see what You show them, to open their ears to hear what you say and to speak accordingly, but Lord I also pray that they will have the boldness to act accordingly.  Lord I pray Father for the leaders to be like to Your own heart, who will stand in righteousness and Lord I pray that the people will be like Joseph...that they will stand for what is right and just in the midst of persecution and Lord most of all I pray that the leaders of our land will be like Caleb


A while ago the Lord gave me a revelation on the holy trinity and how the marriage between a man and woman is a symbol that signifies the intimacy, commitment and sacredness of a covenant made between two people before two or more witnesses and that the marriage should be a symbol of our relationship with Jesus. In my own life the Lord has shown and teach me so much through my marriage and I can almost see on a daily basis why the Lord gave me the promise of my husband and why we were put together by the Lord and I honour God for showing me His will and guiding me into staying in His will, for just like a marriage it is not easy to always stay in the will of God for staying in the will of God means leading a sacrificial life which places God's will before your own just as in a marriage one should always be willing to lay yourself down for your husband or wife.  The Lord showed me that just like on my wedding day when I gave my heart to Him, I made a covenant with Him...


As I was praising and worshiping the Lord, I just had this song come up in my head again (Some Nights by Fun) and the Lord just placed in my heart that the youth of today is the next generation together with the older generation that believes wholly like Caleb and Joshua, but the foundations are busy shaking and this shaking is God ordained, not to let you fall through the cracks, but to open your eyes to severity of your unstable foundation. If we stand for God and all that He is we will fall at nothing but if we stand for nothing we will fall for everything. His question to all the youth of today is what do you stand for? Is your ground shaking...good, it should...but the more important question is what are you going to do about it? Are you going to jump from one stone to the next or are you going to stand firm on the one corner stone and allow God, the Truth and the Spirit to come and rebuild a new foundation in your life which will not bow to any principality, powers, rulers of th


This vision God gave me close to end of 2012, which I believe to be for these times and times to come. I saw a kingdom (like a castle, which had an inner court) of which the walls were very high. Inside the kingdom I saw God's feet, His feet was so huge and right in the middle of the kingdom's court, I looked up and all I could see was His robe...I could not even see His middle because He was too big for me to see higher than His ankles. All around His feet and everywhere in the court I saw warriors armoured and ready for war, but all of them were just standing there; first I could not understand why they were just standing there, waiting...for what? Immediately after wondering why they were just waiting, I was outside the kingdom and could see the surrounding area. In the distance I saw a great legion of demons fiercely running towards the kingdom in an attempt to infiltrate it, I got so anxious because every second that went by they were closer to the kingdo




Have you ever thought you heard God saying something to you which you did not understand or did not see come to pass? I would just like to make it clear that what I am sharing on my blog is how I experienced the Lord and what He has done for me, to me and in me so that He can work through me...but also know that not one single persons journey with God is exactly the same or entirely complete therefore it is always your responsibility to not blindly follow what people say or share for the walk of faith is not for blinding but unveiling the eyes of our hearts.   1Th 5:20  Despise not prophesyings 1Th 5:21  Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.  This was written to the Thessalonians by the apostle Paul, saying that we should not despise prophesying (spoken word of God), but instead we should prove it and hold fast on that which is good. Why would Paul say do not despise prophesying if he knew that all prophesies was heard correctly and therefore interpr


ARE YOU WHOLLY FOLLOWING THE LORD? Note: Although we sometimes want the reward, God almost always asks what are you willing to sacrifice. No journey ever starts at the finish line  Me and my husband asked the Lord that He should use us like He used the disciples and what you would read below is only part of the journey we've been on. 2012 was difficult and although it was one of the most difficult years, it was also one of the most amazing because through all of the hardship and all the tears there was a new level of God's judgement revealed to me which opened my eyes to see a deeper level of God's love and grace for us. Last year I came to realize that what I had though I NEEDED in the past was not at all what would sustain me for what is still to come... (Background) 2008 me and my husband got married and at that time we had planned to move into our own home, but financially we were not able to do so and had to stay with my parents until end of June


WE SERVE A LIVING GOD,  THEREFORE WE NOT ONLY HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF LIVING BUT HAVING LIFE IN ABUNDANCE PART 1 Testimony At the age of  five I had rhythmic fever which if not treated in time can affect either your muscles and joints or or it can affect your heart.  As soon as my parents noticed that I had fever they took me to the doctor, but unfortunately the doctor just sent my parents home giving them a prescription for allot of Stopayne syrup saying that they should give me the Stopayne and just put me into a bath filled with cold water and ice because the cold water will break my fever, but what the doctor did not realize was that this wasn't just any fever this was rhythmic fever.  So as soon as we arrived home my parents did as the doctor said but by the time the fever broke it was too late, the fever had already affected my heart and when I got my permanent teeth we discovered that the high fever affected my teeth which resulted in me having yellow teeth.