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When an artist decides to make a painting, he "conceives" a picture. He then takes out the canvas, brushes and paint. After getting out all he may need, the artist starts picking out the colours and brushes he wants to use...then; he begins! Now, somewhere during the process of this painting he comes to the point where he decides to use a very fine brush to put in the some detail on the painting, but for some reason that brush just does not want to work...and having to finish the painting, the artist chooses another brush which even though it is not as fine (able) as the previous brush becomes a skilful wand in the hands of the artist, not due to the capabilities of the, due to the willingness!

Mat 22:14 for many are called, but few are chosen...

I believe this scripture does not refer to God having favourites and therefore does not want to choose some, but rather because some are consistently refusing God's grace and love to shape and mold their hearts.

Do you realize just how much God loves you...? He created the universe with words, yet He took the time to mold, shape and create you...this has to make you wonder; who is this God that thought of me before the foundation of the earth and if He thought of me, that must mean that I am worth so much in His hands...?


Last year my mother in law asked me what I felt regarding this year and my words to her was... I feel that in  2020 by end of April our lives will forever be changed ,  never to be the same again ...much like a woman finding out she is pregnant for the first time! Then I said to my mother in law that by June/July we will start to feel the affect of what had been revealed to us in April and by September/October that which has been conceived in March/April will be birthed! In 2012 The Lord spoke to me about the start of His year (you can read more on this vision by clicking on this link 2012 The Start of God's YEAR ) and when He shared this with me I was reminded of the following scriptures: Matthew 8:20 Amplified Bible (AMP) Jesus replied to him, “Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the [a]Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” Isaiah 9:6 Amplified Bible (AMP) For to us a Child shall be born, to us a Son shall be given; And the g


On 21st of March I had a dream...  I was sitting around a table with a couple of people and we were discussing the heart/kingdom of God and a woman asked a question: WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN GOD SAYS THAT HE LOVES YOU? I was hoping that the leader sitting across from me would ask my sister in law sitting next to me as we were discussing the topic just before we went to bed (I had shared with her what God had revealed to me regarding His heart and His love), so I was super excited and wanted to hear what she would say (because then I would hear what she had received in her heart from our discussion)...but the teacher asked me as I could sense that He wanted everyone to hear the answer that I am about to give and so I started to proclaim... WHEN GOD SAYS ...HE LOVES YOU... HE GIVES YOU PURPOSE ...! WHEN GOD SAYS ...HE LOVES YOU... HE EDIFIES YOU...! WHEN GOD SAYS ...HE LOVES YOU... HE JUSTIFIES YOU...! His LOVE is what gives us reason to live. His L


Do you know LOVE ? Have you gazed into HIS EYES , whilst hanging on your cross? Have you ever been cursed, falsely accused, beaten, spit on, humiliated, rejected by the ones you care for, left for dead...? Have all of the above or some of the above been done to you after you gave your heart, your help, your time, yourself to the person? Now, my you still love that person with all of your heart and do you still look to that person with JOY in your HEART and HOPE in your EYES ? If yes, then you are tapping into the ONE called LOVE and His name is Jesus Christ ! Jesus Christ's destiny was to lay Himself down for the world, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him will not perish but have eternal life... Picture this... The very people whom Jesus loved so much that He was willing to die for them was the very ones who cursed Him, falsely accused Him, beaten Him, spit on Him, humiliated Him, rejected Him and ultimately left Him for dead...Y