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When an artist decides to make a painting, he "conceives" a picture. He then takes out the canvas, brushes and paint. After getting out all he may need, the artist starts picking out the colours and brushes he wants to use...then; he begins! Now, somewhere during the process of this painting he comes to the point where he decides to use a very fine brush to put in the some detail on the painting, but for some reason that brush just does not want to work...and having to finish the painting, the artist chooses another brush which even though it is not as fine (able) as the previous brush becomes a skilful wand in the hands of the artist, not due to the capabilities of the, due to the willingness!

Mat 22:14 for many are called, but few are chosen...

I believe this scripture does not refer to God having favourites and therefore does not want to choose some, but rather because some are consistently refusing God's grace and love to shape and mold their hearts.

Do you realize just how much God loves you...? He created the universe with words, yet He took the time to mold, shape and create you...this has to make you wonder; who is this God that thought of me before the foundation of the earth and if He thought of me, that must mean that I am worth so much in His hands...?


For some years now, God has been teaching me on mustard seed faith and what the meaning behind not only the parables are but the impact each one would have in and through our lives if we only grasped what Jesus was saying each time when he taught, reprimanded and inspired through the incidences that took placed. Two weeks ago I was reading the following scripture and seeking the Holy Spirit to give me insight into what Jesus was saying through the parables and what the TRUE meaning behind the scripture is and this is what He shared with me:  The potential of the mustard seed is not attained through its size (for it is tiny) but through its faith in the One who has created him and ordained him for a purpose, regardless of his current state. Likewise, we have been created in the Likeness and Image of God. Therefore, we have the same DNA (Purpose) in us as God (To Create, Sustain and Govern) and if we were to stay true to the Him and the purpose for which He has created us then w

South Africa's DESTINY Established & Confirmed, THROUGH THE PILLAR OF FIRE!

On the 27th of April myself, my husband and a few other people went to Bloemfontein to pray over Africa and South Africa and the following prophetic word was released by God through my husband Dewald Esterhuizen.  I pray that as you read it that the Holy Spirit will impart in you what has been established on 22 March 2019 and what profound impact this will have in our nation.  On 22 March 2019 we were at an ACO meeting where Gert from Namibia came to deliver a word and covenant that God revealed to him for Dr. Convy Baloyi . After the prophecy and covenant document was delivered and Gert anointed Dr. Convy Baloyi , I heard God saying:  “Today the Pillar of Fire has been established.”  I thought to myself, “why Lord and what does it mean…”. I thought I missed the Lord and it was my own thoughts. After about an hour a lady prophesied over Dr. Convy Baloyi that God has blessed her with the ability to see angels. She said that as Gert was anointing Dr. Convey Baloyi


For the last couple of weeks I have had numerous conversations with fellow believers asking me whether I think ACO African Covenant will be able to take the next election and Govern this nation?  My answer was, still is and will be: YES I BELIEVE!  and the response that I would get when I ask; "why do you ask" is many people respond by saying "I do think that they will take over Nationally and Provincially eventually but not now as the obstacles (corruption etc.) are just too much and the current government has just too much supporters".  For me this is very unsettling as I can not understand how we can say that we believe yet our belief is circumstantial...this to me is not belief as true belief is not based on facts but on the WORD of GOD as our assurance can only be found in God and His Word. Hebrews 11:1 The Triumphs of Faith Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed) and t


Lately I find myself thinking why? Why am I still hoping, why am I still thinking that my life is meant for greatness even though I am currently not doing anything great by my measure... See, I have always been a very big dreamer...seeing myself amount to greatness, achieving the impossible and reaching the unreachable because I felt extra ordinary, like my life was not meant to be lived ordinary but that it was meant to stand out, make a difference and change history for generations to come much like all the beacons of hope in the bible. Having this in my heart, when I were to watch stories like Snow White, Cinderella and The Land Before Time I would hear the following in my heart Snow white - When your heart is good and your intentions pure, you will always triumph over evil. Cinderella - No matter what may happen in life and how many times you may be treated badly or not be noticed, there will come a time when people will see you for the princes that you really are and you


Years ago, God started speaking to me about the year 2018 being a year of PREPARE TO LEAVE and that 2019 will be the beginning of a NEW ERA.  When He said this to me, my first question was...why a NEW ERA this time and not a new season like all the past years and He explained to me that every era has season but when all seasons of an era has come into fulfillment (achieving what seasons are meant to achieve e.g. bringing life, pruning, harvesting and death), the era comes to an end and a NEW ERA breaks forth but the way in which the era comes forth sets the bar for the seasons to follow. The quality/faith in the seed will determine the harvest because no matter what may come that seed's way, if it's faith to grow and prosper exceeds the looming death approaching then breakthrough will take place and life will start to grow and prosper as long as that seed stays true to it's faith. He also shared with me that an era marks the beginning of something fresh and new

2018 MARKS the END of an ERA! What is NEXT?

I did the following painting at our church during a prophetic service on 2/12/2018 and this is what God shared with me:  2018 Marks the end of an era in which He has prepared His children to leave and 2019 marks the beginning of a new era where the ones who has kept on trusting and believing that He will fulfill that which He has spoken over them (like a surfer that keeps his eyes focused on the light at the end of the barrel whilst surfing the wave) will start to walk into what they have been destined for.